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Snow Dog Barn

In the fall of 2021, we began building a classic monitor barn out of reclaimed wood.

A monitor has  two loafing shed structures which face each other, and a covered center aisle, often with a loft.

The logs.....

The logs were given to us from a huge forestry operation. They were set off to the side, in a discard pile. We cut the lengths, treated the ends, dug holes, and set them to make a 40 x 16 foot aisle with a loft, and two 40 x 12 foot loafing shed sides.

The Back Center Aisle Wall
The first wall that went in was at the back of the main aisle.

The Back Wall of the West Loafing Shed
The back wall of the west loafing shed was the next wall to go in, and from there we began to side the west wall, 
and to roof the west loafing shed.

The Roof and Siding of the West Loafing Shed
After the back wall of the west side shed was in, we began to side and roof that section.

We then started on the east loafing shed....

And we began to put in the loft floor joists...

We continued siding the east loafing shed, put in the east back wall, and floored the loft.

The Stairs To The Loft...

The Loft

The Loft Roof

Initially we were going to construct the loft roof like the floor, with trusses every two feet apart.  But when I saw the loft floor joists I realized that this would obscure the ceiling.  I asked if it would be possible to make one heavy truss for each set of logs, to open the ceiling up.  The roofing was done by a team of 3 Navajo men who just rocked.  They designed the roof and hand cut and made these big trusses from wood we had milled for the purpose. 

With its views, the open ceiling and hand made trusses, and the feel of all the old wood, we began to see that the loft was going to be spectacular. We scrounged for old farm windows, and began to install them.

To be continued.....

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