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Colorado Mountain Dogs -- Available Pups

Update April 26, 2019 -- contact [email protected]

Snowfall and Broham
March 25, 2019  G2 CMDR/ARBA pups, $1250, 

Broham our Boz/Turkish Mastiff stud has a wonderful mellow, sweet temperament, and he is 33 inches at the shoulder and still growing. I love how huge Broham is, but I am most excited about his personality and mind.  These will be such sweet pups...and big, and mellow. Snowfall is a sweetheart, very intelligent, and a great goat dog.

1. Lelou, Male, Faded Badger
2. Amoux, Female, Faded Badger
3. Beowulf, Male, Faded Badger
4. Nashoba, Male, Faded Badger
5. Female, Accalia, Faded Badger


Girl pup retained.
Boy pup retained  

Boy pup Malcolm
Girl pup Malcolm
Stud pup, Colton
Boy pup Karen


Ithilien x The Bandersnatch!
G3 Pups, -1250,  CMDR/ARBA

As far as I know, this will be the
world's first registered G3 CMD litter.

This pairing will take place soon. Ithilien and Bander are both SO sweet with people and with the animals.  His last litter, with Arya, is  just spectacular.  This one ought to be even better.

1.  Male pup -- retained
2. Girl pup -- retained
3. Girl pup -- Kathleen
4. Boy Pup -- Aimee
5. Boy pup, Charlie


Just to give you an example... this is Crack O' Noon Finn, with his owner Israh.  Finn is out of Arya and The Bandersnatch.  He is 14 weeks old in this photo.  :-)