UPDATED Jan 2022
In Memory -- CNK Caspian --The grand daddy of all Colorado Mountain Dogs, and the foundation stud of the breed. 
Caspian was my personal dog, who guarded my farm. He was my luck dragon, the dog of a lifetime. Here he is with foundation girl, CNK Snow, and the very first Colorado Mountain Dog litter.

My Boy Pack

BTA Aslan of Crack O' Noon, G3, 

BTA Aslan is a spectacular Caspian line cross grandson. 32 inches at the shoulder, great with our livestock. He is beautiful, sweet tempered, and the epitome of a Colorado Mountain Dog.
Albus x Dolly

Dolly - CNK Caspian x CNK Aravis
Albus - Toz x Tayla (Tayla is Reg x Lil)


W2E Mithril of CNK G1
 W2E Bo x YYR Chayah

Mithril is under evaluation.  He's a stunning recessive frosted blue.  His personality is...well... drop to the ground for belly rubs like his well known sire Bo. We're looking forward to Mithril's babies in late 2022.

WFF Oberon of CNK, G3, CNK Isaac (a Caspian son) x WFF Willa

Oberon is ginormous.  I think he will top 34 inches at maturity. He's a goofball, and loves affection, melting onto the ground for a belly rub, but serious about guarding.  Everyone is captured by Oberon. :-)

Ober is a proven stud, standing at CNK.

CNK Wynter G2

Winter is just being added to the page at a year old.  He is a son of Nog/Altair, and Tarva, a CNK girl who is an Aslan daughter out of a full Boxz female.  Wynter is spectacular and will probably mature to around 33 inches.  He is a wonderful guardian, chickens cuddle him like they did with his sire and grandsire.

The Girl Pack

RLT Luthien, G3 --BTA Aslan x PCF Royalty

Luthien is just beautiful.  She is clean legged,  large, about 29 inches, and was born black and tan, but faded to silver white. She is a natural with livestock and poultry.

Aslan-- Dolly (a linebred Caspian daugher) x Albus
Royalty -- a Chuck Norris x Elly Mae daughter

RLT  Lorien of CNK, G4, FWF Artax x RLT Prin

Lorien is a spectacular Aslan grand daughter.  She is a sweetheart and loves people, and loves her livestock critters. She is a natural with poultry. I am excited about her G5 babies coming in 2022.

SWF Akela of CNK Female G2, Zeki (a direct son of Caspian) x SWF Redi Freddy
I am over the moon about this Caspian grand daughter.... she is gorgeous, very intelligent, trots like a dressage horse... you can't take your eyes off of her.  She is a wonderful guardian, great with poultry,  and a people lover too. Looking forward to her G3 babies with CNK Wynter in 2022.

CNK Snowy Owl, G4, RLT Lorien of CNK x WFF Oberon of CNK

Owl is a remarkable pup!  She's under evaluation this year and if all goes well, I will be thrilled to see her purebred CMD babies in late 2022.


Crack O' Noon Ithilien

CNK Ithilien is a G2 CMDR/ARBA registered Colorado Mountain Dog, the daughter of Arya and Glenstorm.

Hello KY Farms Snowfall of Crack O' Noo​n

Arya of Crack O' Noon

Arya is a G1 Caspian line bred daughter, 29 inches at the shoulder, has her father's great size, beauty, and temperament. She is especially great with poultry. Arya is registered CMDR/ARBA and passed her pre-certification hip x-rays. Arya greets my guests immediately and is a breathtaking dog.


Desert Kennels Bandersnatch of Crack O' Noon