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Crack O' Noon Kikos

We've been raising Kiko Goats since 2009.  Our herd is NKR registered, tested clean in 2017 and will be tested in 2022. Our herd is small, and selected to thrive at altitude in the Rockies. We breed for great builds, robustness, kidding hardiness, and temperament.


HSA Buckwheat

100% NZ NKR, Triplet, Buckwheat is a fantastic sire.  He himself is easy to handle, knows his name, leads like a dog, wears a pack saddle.  He throws big chill babies.

SIE Boomerang - Sold reference buck

SIE Boomer was a 100% NZ Hotpoccket son who we kept many daughters from.  He had a great build, and was easy to handle.

SGF Pazu - Sold Reference Buck

Pazu, 100% NZ, twin, was our foundation buck, from Iron Horse lines. We have several daughters and grands from him still.  


LPR Dorothy

Born 3/30/2014, 100% NZ - Triplet

LPR Ruger x LPR Anastasia

March 8, 2019 x Boomerang, Twins (Bayberry and Manzanita)

March 19, 2020, x Pazu - Buckminster and Blueberry

Feb 20, 2021 x Buckwheat - Twin Doelings (Mahogany)

Jan 3, 2020, x Buckwheat - Buckling and Cedar
April 1, 2023 x Buckwheat - Buckling,Doeling, Juniper


CNK Bellas Sandspurry

100% NZ LBG Bella x SIE Boomer
Twin, born Jan 19, 2019
Sands is a wonderful goat.  She makes more milk than we can keep up with, so we make cheese and quiches too. Her temperament is wonderful, and she makes big robust babies. 


Dec 2020, x Buckwheat -- Single Doeling Strawberry

Jan 5, 2022 x Buckwheat -- Coyote and Sunbeam
Feb2, 2023 x Buckwheat, twin bucklings

CNK Buttercup SOLD

%100 NZ doeling by Pazu out of Bella.

Born Dec 23 2015. First kidding single.

She is our very first home born NZ!

2017, July 4th Doeling (Sparkler)

2018, May 6th, Buckling, Doeling (Charlie, Mallow)

2019, March 23, Buckling,  Doeling (Juniper)

2020, Feb 22, x Buckwheat -- Twin Bucklings

2021, April 12 x Buckwheat -- Twin Bucklings

2022, June 23 x Buckwheat -- Twin Doelings

CNK Brambles SOLD

2020 LBG Pinky x SGF Pazu, Twin 100% NZ
Kidding history...

Jan 8, 2022 x Buckwheat --  Smokey and Bandit


CNK Pazu's Blueberry SOLD

CNK Blueberry, march 19, 62020 - LPR Dorothy x SGF Pazu, Twin

Jan 4, 2022, Buckling and Doeling (Eclipse)

CNK Sand's BW Strawberry

Strawberry, 2020, 100% NZ, 
CNK Sandspurry x HSA Buckwheat
Big robust girl out of my foundation Bella line, daughter of Sandspurry daughter of Bella. She is a first kidding single. I am looking forward to her kids in late 2022.

CNK Mahogany

2020, 100% NZ, Twin, LPR Dorothy x HSA Buckwheat
This is one of Buckwheats tamest daughters. Her ear tips froze on the night she was born. Mohogany is a gorgeous built doe.  Looking forward to 2023 babies.


April 6, 2019 100% NZ
LBG Pinky x SIE Boomerang


2022, June 20 x Buckminster -- Doeling (CNK Felony)

CNK Bellas Champagne

CNK Champagne, June 2021, 100% NZ, Twin
LBG Bella x HSA Buckwheat
From Bella's last set of twins.
Looking forward to babies in 2023.

CNK Bellas Marnier

CNK Marnier, June 2021, 100% NZ, Twin

LBG Bella x HSA Buckwheat

From Bella's last set of twins.

Looking forward to babies in 2023.

CNK Cedar

Jan 2, 2022, Twin, LPR Dorothy x HSA Buckwheat, 100% NZ
Cedar is a magnificent doeling.  Looking forward to babies is 2024!

In Memory -- LBG Bella

 Bella, 100% 2013 - 2021, 100% NZ doe.

We lost Bella this year.  Bella was our matriarch, a kidding machine, and a wonderful animal. She had all the wonderful babies below, and we have daughters, grand daughters, and great grand daughters. Now, her first daughter, Buttercup, is one of our matriarchs. 

Dec 24 2015 -- single doeling (Buttercup)

Feb 2017 -- twins, buckling and doeling (Dandelion)

Feb 1 2018 -- twin bucklings

Jan 19, 2019 -- Sandspurry and Hollyhock

April 13, 2020 xPazu ~ twin bucklings

June 2021 twin doelings, Champagne and Marnier

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