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Crack O' Noon Kikos

We raise Kiko Goats in Northern Colorado. We have a 100% registered NZ herd.  Kikos are known for being hardy, great kidders, parasite resistant, and easy to keep.  We cull rigorously and we don't place our culls as breeding animals.  We're focused on low birth weight, fast growth, ability to throw multiples, size and weight, low maintenance hooves, easy keepers and good temperaments.  We tested in 2017 for CL, Johnnes, CAE, Scrapie and were clean.  

Kikos are more than a livestock breed, they are a passion, a joy, a way of life.

NKR -- National Kiko Registry

Kiko Bucks

SGF Pazu, our senior buck, grandson of Iron Horse.  
N12M0200SGF1 3/2012

100% NZ grandson of  COO Iron Horse.

Pazu put us on the map.  He is a great doe maker, producing a big frame. He is a sensitive animal, a bit shy, and has never been aggressive to people.

SIE Boomerang, a Hot Pocket son. 100% NZ. Photo is at 2 years. 

We love Boomer's babies. They are robust and hefty. He crosses great with Pazu's tall daughters. Boomer is a mellow, easy to handle buck.

Buckwheat,  100% NZ photo and info coming

Buckwheat is a huge yearling, comes to us from Heaven's 7 Ranch in WY,  and we're over the moon to add his genes to the herd!

Kiko Does and Doelings

GHK Sage (left),  from Goat Hill Kikos, daughter of Cherokee Fiddler,  100% NZ.  Twin

April 10 2017 Twins, buckling and doeling
Feb 2 2018 single, buckling

LPR Dorothy, from Lookout Point Ranch.
Born 3/30/2014 
110% NZ - Triplet
LPR Ruger x LPR Anastasia

We just purchased Dorothy and we're looking forward to kids later this year.

LPR Davona, from Lookout Point Ranch. Our black beauty. :-)
Born 3/30/2014 
110% NZ - Triplet
LPR Ruger x LPR Bambi

We just purchased Davona and were looking forward to kids later this year.

LBG Bella is a white with apricot spots, 100%NZ doe.  

dec 24 2015 -- single doeling (Buttercup)
feb 2017 -- twins, buckling and doeling (Dandelion)
feb 1 2018 -- twin bucklings
Jan 19, 2019 -- twin doelings (Sandspurry and Hollyhock)

SGF Hollyberry 100% NZ Kiko doe born Dec 25 2016 

Feb 3 2018 Doeling (Swallowtail)
Feb 21 2019 Twin Doelings 

SGF Mistletoe  100% NZ Kiko doe born Dec 25 2016 

2018 Kidded May 27  Twin Doelings

LBG Pinky (left), 100% NZ Doe 3/5/2016
2017 twinned buckling, doeling (Candytuft)
2018 May 15 Twin Bucklings (Bailey, Amaretto)

LBG Jean,  N16F0638LGB1 100% NZ Doe 5/19/2016

2018 May 4 Doeling (Meadow Rue)

SGF Echo 100% NZ 

Feb 6 2019 - single doeling (Cinnamon)

SGF Arrowleaf, 100% NZ, Triplet, photo coming.

Larkspur, 100% NZ, photo coming, Triplet 

Willowherb, 100% NZ photo coming, Twin

Does Born at Crack O' Noon

CNK Buttercup is a %100 NZ doeling by Pazu out of Bella.  Born Dec 23 2015. First kidding single.
Buttercup is the very first NZ Doeling born at Crack O' Noon.

July 4th 2017 Doeling (Sparkler)
May 6th 2018, Buckling, Doeling (Charlie, Mallow)

CNK Dandelion 100% NZ Twin, Bella x Pazu

April 2018 Doeling (Yarrow)

CNK Candytuft 100% NZ, first kidding twin, May 19, 2017 -- LBG Joe Daddy x LBG Pinky

CNK Sparkler 100% NZ doeling single, July 4th 2017 -- CNK Buttercup x Boomerang. First kidding single.

"CNK Swallowtail" 100% NZ Doe Holy x Pazu Feb 4th 2018 first kidding single.

CNK Meadowsweet, 100% NZ First kidding twin April 10 2017 -- GHK Sage x SGF Pazu 

"CNK Meadowrue"  LGB Jean x SIE Boomerang May 4 2018 100% NZ Doeling, 
First kidding single.

"CNK Mallow", SIE Boomer x CNK Buttercup, beautiful blue-eyed apricot doeling.  First kidding twin. 100% NZ  

CNK Yarrow 100% NZ First kidding single Dandelion x Boomer

CNK Thistledown,  Boomer x Mistletoe, 100% NZ Doeling, first kidding twin, May 27th, 2018

CNK Cinnamon, photo coming.  100% NZ Echo x Boomer
First kidding single. Born Feb 6, 2019

CNK Sandspurry, photo coming  100% NZ Bella x Boomer
Twin, born Jan 19, 2019

CNK Hollyhock, photo coming, 100% NZ  Bella x Boomer
Twin, born Jan 19, 2019

CNK Clover, photo coming, 100% NZ Hollyberry x Boomer
Feb 21, 2019 twin

CNK Sorrel, photo coming, 100% NZ  Hollyberry x Boomer
Feb 21, 2019 twin.