Wendy Francisco's Barn 

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Crack O' Noon Kiko Goats
Kikos For Sale In Colorado! Updated Jan 22, 2018
All goats are 100% NZ, tagged, and microchipped. We tested all of our breeding does for CAE, CL, and Johnnes and they are clean. 

Does and Doelings

LBG Jean,  N16F0638LGB1 100% NZ Doe 5/19/2016

2018 May 4 Doeling

100% NZ doeling Born May 2018 Dandelion x Boomer - $650

CNK Dandelion, 100% NZ, a twin, Bella x Pazu
Born Feb 2 2017 

Kidded May single doeling -- $650

Bucks and Bucklings

SGF Pazu, N12M0200SGF1 3/2012

100% NZ grandson of  COO Iron Horse.

Pazu put us on the map, he is 7 years old, and makes great babies.

- 650.00

"Goldpatch" SOLD
100% NZ Buckling, tagged, microchipped Bella x Pazu  Born Feb 1 2018 


- 650

Bella is my foundation doe and a mothering machine.  I keep all her doelings.  Sire is by Ironside.

"Blackhawk" Amaranth x Pazu
Unusually big even for a single.  
Grandsires are Cherokee Fiddler and Ironside
Will be tagged and microchipped.

March 13, 2018, 100% NZ Buckling


-750 SOLD

100% NZ Kiko Buckling May 2018



Pinky x Boomerang. Pinky has had two sets of twins out of two kiddings.  Sire is Boomer by Hot Pocket. 

"Jar Jar Binks" May 6 2018
Very nice 100% NZ blue-eyed buckling.
Buttercup x Boomerang



Challenger, 100% New Zealand buckling, Bella x Pazu. He is a twin.
Challenger would be a great herd sire.  He has a very nice pedigree, and is a big, gorgeous buckling.

For sale, $750 SOLD