Crack O' Noon Kiko Goats

Kikos For Sale In Colorado-- Updated Nov 19, 2019

All goats are 100% NZ, tagged, and microchipped.

We tested all of our breeding does for CAE, CL, and Johnnes in 2017 and are clean.

All goats are or will be tagged, microchipped, and registered with NKR.

Bucks and Bucklings For Sale

"CNK Bam Bam" SIE Boomerang x GHK Sage
March 10

100% NZ,



Bam Bam is out of Cherokee Fiddler daughter Sage and by my Hot Pocket Son Boomerang.

Bam Bam has a hefty build and should mature into a nice buckling.

CNK Unimog

April 6, 2019

100% NZ

SBG Pinky x SIE Boomerang


--750 SOLD

"CNK Buffalo", March 23, 2019, 100% NZ

SIE Boomerang x CNK Buttercup


--750 SOLD

"CNK Amaretto"

March 2018

SIE Boomerand x LGB Pinky

100% NZ



Amaretto is one of my nicest bucklings. His sire throws kids that are hardy and thick built, and his dam is a hefty doe who has twinned every year. He should really mature into a nice buck.

"CNK Goldpatch" SOLD

100% NZ Buckling, tagged, microchipped Bella x Pazu Born Feb 1 2018


Bella is a mothering machine. Sire is by Ironside.

"Blackhawk" Amaranth x Pazu

Unusually big even for a single.

Grandsires are Cherokee Fiddler and Ironside

Will be tagged and microchipped.

March 13, 2018, 100% NZ Buckling Single -750 SOLD

"Charlie" May 6 2018

Very nice 100% NZ blue-eyed buckling.

Buttercup x Boomerang

Twin SOLD -750 

100% NZ Does and Doelings

CNK Dandelion

Feb 2017

100% NZ

LBG Bella x SGF Pazu


A Bella daughter.

--850 SOLD

LPR Davona N14F0806LPR8


100% NZ

LPR Rueger x LPR Bambi



SGF Echo

100% NZ

1/26/17 SOLD