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Crack O' Noon
Colorado Mountain Dogs

This is where the Colorado Mountain Dog began, with our amazing foundation stud CNK Caspian. He was so beautiful, inside and out, that he stopped people in their tracks. He was a wonderful guardian, keeping our place and animals safe.

I raise dogs with Caspian in mind. His build was unique in that he was very tall, large boned and large framed, and athletic.  His essence was calming, loving, and intelligent. 

The CMD is a work in progress.  We have no purebred animals in the breed yet, though our first purebreds should begin to appear in late 2022.  As a whole, the breed is very excited about this.  We are nationwide now, with thousands of dogs all over the country and beyond.

 To see my current dog pack, click Our CMDs
To purchase a CMD for your farm, Available CMDs

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