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Colorado Mountain Dog Consultation

Contact:, 970-623-0598

Paypal email:
Cash App: $crackonoon

(People who get my pups have lifetime support, no cost)
1. Working with Colorado Mountain Dogs and Livestock -- $45
One call. General help with working with CMDs and livestock, how to integrate dogs and livestock, general info on using livestock guardian dogs on a small acreage farm, problem solving, and specific input for your situation. (My input has to end up helping or I'll refund you.)

2. Mentoring/Setting Up a CMD Breeding Program ---$250
Personalized time for a month, on setting up to raise Colorado Mountain Dogs/ problem solving,/livestock integration -- how to create a genetic program, facilities, how to begin, how to innovate in new genetics, exposing, raising, and training pups with livestock, marketing, realistic profit/loss, acquiring dogs, etc.  Definitely get a notebook.


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