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Updated Oct 7th, 2019

Available Trained Colorado Mountain Dog LGDs

"Desert Kennels Bandersnatch" G2 male, CMDR/ARBA  Neutered Trained Adult.

Bandersnatch is a young adult, a soul dog, and we will be keeping a son and placing Bander into a working home that will be exactly right for him.  Bander is excellent for penned livestock. He feels right at home doesn't dig or try to get out, and is attached to his charges. He will be wary of people he doesn't know, and a good guardian when you are not around.


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Accalia, Broham x Snowfall, G2 female 6.5 months old.

Accalia is a gorgeous female who could go to a working small farm family home.  She is currently in with young Kiko does and a buck, and two companion CMDs. I am retaining her brother Bruinen, and don't need her lines. Her dad is nearly 35 inches at the shoulder! Accalia is a sweetheart ... she's going to make an awesome CMD guardian.