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Updated May 11, 2019

Available Trained Colorado Mountain Dog LGDs

"HVF Avalon" G1 male, CMDR/ARBA  -- FD Olaf x YYR Elsa 

Avalon is a wonderful young male working LGD. He's been in with a goat herd, bucks, does, and kids.  He has a great personality and is a diligent guardian. 
Congrats Mary!


Lion is a 1 year old intact female Turkish Boz. We purchased two of these Turkish giants to cross into the CMD, and Broham, our male, turned out to be a perfect addition while Lion has a more intense essence than what we would like to cross into the CMD.

She likes people, and has been raised with goats.  She's huge...32 inches at the shoulder and growing.  I will be placing Lion on a ranch with owners that understand LGDs and have a big predator load to deal with.  Lion will definitely deal with it. :-)

Available - 1850