Wendy Francisco's Barn 

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Our Colorado Mountain Dogs


In Memory -- The grand daddy of all Colorado Mountain Dogs, and the foundation stud of the breed, King Caspian was my personal dog, who guarded my farm.  He was my luck dragon, the dog of a lifetime. Here he is with foundation dog, Snow, and the very first Colorado Mountain Dog litter.


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The Bandersnatch

Bandersnatch is a big pup, a year old Pyr x Anatolian cross, 29 inches at the shoulder so far,  who loves people and is great with my animals.  We are looking forward to his first litter!


Arya is a Caspian line bred daughter, 29 inches at the shoulder,  has her father's great size, beauty, and temperament. She is especially great with poultry.  Woe to anything that tries to get one of Arya's birds.  Arya is registered CMDR/ARBA and is hip checked and approved. Arya greets my guests immediately and is a breathtaking dog. She has given us two litters of outstanding CMD pups.


Glenstorm is a registered CMD, hip and vet checked approved for breeding.  He is on site, and is a fabulous LGD, is gorgeous with a beautiful head and eye.  He is easy to pen, in with poultry, goats, donkeys, and other dogs, unhesitatingly friendly to my guests, a slam dunk CMD from Hello KY Farms in KY.  

Congrats to Danuse!


Stormhold is a 50/50 Pyr x Anatolian outcross foundation being evaluated as a future stud.  He's extremely intelligent, and great with all my animals, even from a young age. 

Congrats to Porter Ranch guest ranch in Colorado!