Wendy Francisco's Barn 

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This is SGF Pazu, our buck, grandson of Iron Horse.  He is registered 100% NZ, and makes gorgeous babies.  Our guests are always very taken with Pazu, he is a magnificent animal.

Here is our new addition, Boomerang, a Hot Pocket son. He is 100% NZ. 

We're excited to have Boomer's first baby, July 4th, Sparkler, below!  Looking forward to many more.

CNK Cherokee Parker , a 100% NZ buckling, a twin from a first kidding.  
Parker is being retained to possibly fill Pazu's shoes one day. :-)

CNK Brandybuck 100% NZ Twin buckling from a first kidding,  LBG Pinky x LBG Joe Daddy

We'll be keeping Brandybuck!

Doeling -- GHK Buckwheat (left),  from Goat Hill Kikos, daughter of Cherokee Fiddler,  100% NZ.  We are very much looking forward to her babies by Pazu. She is as tame as a dog, completely affectionate, positively cuddly, and here for life.

April 10 2017 Twins, buckling and doeling

Doeling -- GHK Amaranth,  from Goat Hill Kikos, daughter of Cherokee Fiddler,  100% NZ.  We are looking forward to her babies later this year by Pazu. She is as tame as her sister, just like a dog, and stunning to look at.

Feb 14 2017 single, Pouncer

LBG Bella is a white with apricot spots, 100%NZ doe.  

dec 2015 -- single doeling
feb 2017 -- twins, buckling and doeling

CNK Buttercup is a %100 NZ doeling by Pazu out of Bella.  Born Dec 23 2015.
Bella just gave us her first kid, a huge doeling single.

CNK Dandelion, 100% NZ, a twin, Bella x Pazu
Born Feb 2 2017 

SGF Hollyberry 100% NZ Kiko doe born Dec 25 2016 
Photo coming!

SGF Mistletoe  100% NZ Kiko doe born Dec 25 2016 
Photo coming!

Poinsettia  100% NZ Kiko doe born Dec 25 2016 
Photo coming!

LBG Pinky (left), 100% NZ Doe
2017 twinned buckling, doeling

LBG Jean, 100% NZ Doe

SGF Echo 100% NZ photo coming!

CNK Candytuft 100% NZ twin, May 19, 2017 -- LBG Joe Daddy x LBG Pinky

CNK Meadowsweet, 100% NZ Twin April 10 2017 -- Sage x Pazu 

CNK Sparkler 100% NZ doeling Twin, July 4th 2017 -- CNK Buttercup x SIE Boomerang.