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Kiko Goats For Sale In Colorado! Updated August 24, 2017

Betty is a pure Kiko, registeerd 50%, and pregnant by Pazu.  SOLD

SGF Summer is a 2 year old 88 percent doe, babies with a PB or NZ buck can be registered purebred.  $450.
Summer has kidded twice, a single, and twins. SOLD

SGF Sydney, Summer's twin, is 88 percent.  SOLD

Merrida is an unregistered full blooded kiko, SOLD

Angel, Purebred Kiko doeling, twin, Summer x Pazu
For sale $450 SOLD

Blaze, Purebred Kiko buckling, twin, Summer x Pazu
For sale, $450 SOLD

Challenger, 100% New Zealand buckling, Bella x Pazu. He is a twin.
Challenger would be a great herd sire.  He has a very nice pedigree, and is a big, gorgeous buckling.

For sale, $750 SOLD

Jumper, Purebred Kiko doeling, Sydney x Pazu.  Jumper is 8 months old now and she is a gorgeous doeling.

For sale, $550

"Ruse" Ziva x Pazu.  Ruse is a Purebed and a twin from her dam's first kidding. She is exposed to Boomerang.


"Pouncer" 100% New Zealand buckling, GHK Amaranth x SGF Pazu,
Pouncer is grandson of Cherokee Fiddler on his damside by an Iron Horse grandson.  He would be a great herd sire.

For sale, $850 SOLD