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UPDATED June 11, 2017

The Colorado Mountain Dogs started right here with foundation stud, Crack O' Noon King Caspian's Journey.

Colorado Mountain Dogs are being bred by farmers in the state of Colorado specifically to guard small farms from predators, but also to be accepting of people who are guests to the farm.  They are friendly, but live to protect livestock from coyotes, cougars, bears, foxes, and they will even bark at and disturb raptors.

Colorado Mountain Dogs are beautiful dogs.  They are tall and slender, have a medium coat with long tails and feathers and manes.  They are healthy, and athletic.  They are influenced by Great Pyrenees and Kangal/Anatolian Shepherds, but have other LGD breeds in them as well, because they are being selected for temperament and aptitudes.

Photo above -- Caspian, 2006 -- 2016, was my personal dog, who guarded my little farm.  He was my luck dragon, the dog of a lifetime. Here he is with foundation dog, Snow, and the very first Colorado Mountain Dog litter.


WE HAVE ONE PUP LEFT!  (See below)
I am now taking reservations. My pups are $950 for guardians who will be fixed, $1500 with breeding agreement.  Reservations are part of the price and are $200. 


Arya x Snowmass pups!

Born March 13th We have three reservations, pups have not been chosen yet. 

Miss Purple - Reserved Jamie

Miss Red - Reserved Elise!

Miss Green  - Reserved Chris!

Miss Orange   - Reserved Gene

Mr Light Blue  - Reserved 

Mr Dark Blue - Reserved  Jamie!

The Arya x Snowmass pups at 7 weeks.  Heading out next week!


Arya, our line bred Caspian daughter, registered and approved.

Yvaine x Snowmass Pups!

We have 12 pups born March 23!

1. Girl Red Collar -- Reserved, Terry!

2. Girl -- Available

3. Girl, Yellow Collar -- Reserved, Kristin!

4. Girl Purple -- SOLD

5. Girl -- Blue Collar Reserved!  Gene and Maria!

6. Girl -- Reserved Breeder -- Gene and Maria!

7. Girl -- SOLD

8. Girl -- SOLD

9. Boy, Black Collar-- Reserved, Miles!

10. Boy, Brown Collar -- Reserved, Miles!

11. Boy -- SOLD

                                                                                                       12. Boy -- SOLD

Snowmasss, a 3/4 Pyr, 1/4 Anatolian, hip checked and is an approved as a Colorado Mountain Dog foundation. He is the sire of the pups.

Future sire!  "Glenstorm" is a great asset to my goat farm already.  We're so excited to see how this magnificent pup matures. :-)